Moroccan Arabic الدارجة المغربية
My research on Moroccan Arabic concentrates on two topics: the use of Moroccan Darija in writing and lexicography of Moroccan Darija. You can consult my publictions on these topics on my Academia page. On a separate page on my personal website you can find information about my collection of texts written in Moroccan Arabic (WMA).

I have published a course book for Moroccan Arabic in three different languages. The book is available in the following languages, with links to the publisher's pages:
On the pages of the publishers you will find links where to download the sound files belonging to the texts and exercises in the book.

On my Academia page you can find my academic publications related to Moroccan Arabic.

Hier een link om een pdf te downloaden met daarin de luisterteksten van de lessen 42-65 in Arabisch schrift.