Written Moroccan Arabic (WMA)

Since I was a student of Arabic in the eighties of the past century I was interested in the written use of Darija. I wrote my MA thesis about the topic and since then I always remained interested in the topic.
For many years I could not travel to Morocco very often, sometimes only once a year or even less, but since 2006 my travels to Morocco intensified because of the plans to found a Dutch academic institute in Rabat (NIMAR, see www.nimarrabat.nl). And between January 2009 and July 2015 I became the director of NIMAR so during that period I worked and lived in Rabat. (This whole period is described in Dutch on my blog janhoogland.blogspot.com)

This period of intensified travelling to Morocco and residency in Rabat coincided with a strong increase in the use of written Darija in public space, on national television and even in print. I have been able to observe this development and managed to collect many manifestations of it. I have taken many photos of billboards and other advertisements in the streets of Rabat and other Moroccan towns. I have obtained a considerable number of printed works containing written Darija (written Moroccan Arabic - WMA).

Another development taking place during this same period was the intensified use of Darija on social media. Indirectly I have observed this development but never with the intention of collecting or analysing the outcome. Several colleagues have faced this challenge and Dominique Caubet deserves special mention for her work on 'E-Darija'.

Via this website I want to disclose my collection of WMA to those who might be interested. Below you will find a series of links to video's consisting of slide shows presenting hundreds of photo's taken of writings in WMA.
All items are described in a database. Here you can download a small pdf extract from the database. In a later stage more content of the database will become available here.

WMA in public space

Slideshows of photos of advertisements, billboards etc. Some grafity.

WMA on national television

Slideshows of TV Stills
Vid_TVst1_WMA284_568, mainly commercials

This page will be updated on a regular basis.

Arabic Media Text Collection by Jan Hoogland is licensed under  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0