Written Moroccan Arabic in Moroccan Society

Recently, after visiting Morocco, I was adding new WMA-items to the database, and I felt the need to categorize the content of the database in a more accurate way. I had already added categories like types of authors or publishers of texts as well as descriptions of the physical shape of the items in the database, and while I was thinking about how to further categorize the content of the database (i.e. texts written in Moroccan Arabic), I concluded the content of the database, and consequently the content of my collection of WMA texts, can be divided in 12 domains.
It should be noted that the collection and the database exclusively contain written texts in which Moroccan Arabic (Darija) is used (possibly in combination with other languages). Spoken Darija is not part of the collection and therefore spoken Darija will be disregarded in the treatment of these domains, although there may very well be a role for spoken Darija in some of these domains too.

The domains in which written Moroccan Arabic (WMA) can be found are:
  1. Advertisement
  2. Informing the public
  3. Press
  4. Interaction on social media
  5. Circles of advocatesĀ of Darija
  6. Literature
  7. Creative sector
  8. Television
  9. Education
  10. Social Protest
  11. Short personal notes in daily life
  12. Graffiti
This list of domains is the result of 'work in progress' so it is possible that in the future one or two new domains will be added to the list.
The order of presentation of the domains is more or less randomly chosen, although the first domain of advertisement is probably the most frequent in the database.

1. Advertisement

For this first domain I had already created slideshows some time ago, and I introduced them on the WMA 'parent page' (which links to this page you are consulting right now).
On that page you may already have seen these links:
Slideshows of photos of advertisements, billboards etc. And there are a few images of graffiti, i.e. domain nr. 12.

It is my intention to gradually fill this page with examples of texts in all these domains.

Arabic Media Text Collection by Jan Hoogland is licensed under  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0