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11 January 2022
New items were added to the collection of texts written in Moroccan Darija.
Go to the end of that page to read about the last items added to the collection.
I added some texts from the corpus I used for my MA Thesis in 1983. The texts were written in the Netherlands before 1983.

11 January 2022
Two new texts are available in the collection of stories from the Arabian Nights (Alf Layla wa Layla):
Story ALF009:The rich man who became poor and rich again, 275 words
Story ALF010: A man from the Banu ‘Udhra, 306 words.

With 10 texts available, half of the Alf Layla texts is now available. These 10 texts contain 6400 words.

The number of new vocabulary items of these 10 texts is 650. So an average of 1 new vocabulary item on every 10 words of the texts. All these new vocabulary items were incorporated in the Memrise course for vocabulary training.

3 January 2022
Published on my Youtube channel in December but not mentioned here before: 3 video clips from Al Jazeera about the International Day of the Arabic Language (18 december).
Here are the links:

2 January 2022
Happy New Year to all visitors of these pages.
سنة سعيدة وكل عام وأنتم بخير
In CATC two new texts are available now: ALF007 and ALF008.

In the Memrise course "Arabic Vocabulary in Arabian Nights" the vocabulary of all glosses of all texts is now available: 585 words.

Sometimes we upload a file to the CATC in the correction stage. You may notice this because in that case there is a warning on top of the page: WARNING: this is not the final version of this text, it may need some corrections.

24 December 2021
Text ALF007 was added to the CATC
Text SHO011 was added to the MATC

23 December 2021
I created a page on which I sum up all the Arabic vocabulary tools I have made available until now.

21 December 2021
I have created a group of 4 courses on the MEMRI platform containing the 2000 words of the Basic Vocabulary we assume the user already knows as a starting vocabulary for reading the stories in the CATC.
In other words, if a word from that Basic Vocabulary occurs in a text, we will not provide a gloss to explain the meaning of that word.
MEMRI is a platform for vocabulary build up training. Words are presented and progress of the student is tested while learning.
These 2000 words of the Arabic Basic Vocabulary were selected from the Buckwalter/Parkinson Frequency Dictionary of Arabic. Link to the first Memrise course:

20 December 2022
Two new texts in CATC available: ALF005 and ALF006.
Total number of texts is now 6, total number of words is 5.200.

Memrise vocabulary training levels for all texts are available. Total number of new words in 6 texts: 545.

10 December 2021
Launch of Classical Arabic Text Collection CATC
The CATC was launched with 4 texts from the Alf Layla wa Layla collection. More stories will follow.
Try the CATC with this link.
Read all about the CATC with this link.

1 December 2021
New items added in the collection of Written Moroccan Arabic
Example pages were added from the magazines Khbar bladna and Al-'Amal and from a very special book called Code de la Route.